Our Philosophy

Working with young people from Hampshire and surrounding South East areas of the UK, the organisation will support young adults who are, for whatever reason, unable to engage with mainstream education.

The organisation’s philosophy is simple. Plan A (mainstream education) has failed, so Plan B (alternative provision) must be different.

The highly experienced, caring and empathetic staff offer the students a ‘place to belong’ by delivering vocational education as a route to employability based around the diverse local marine industry, with transferable skills into other industries. In addition, it also supports curriculum based core subjects such as Maths and English by applying them to every day life through good communication and applied applications, all with a vision to help support the young adults as they transition into ‘the real world’. 

As the students grow with Plan B, so does the reach into the community, spreading the ethos exponentially, ensuring no child is left behind. 


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