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Hereward Drummond



After a career in finance, it is a privilege to be a part of Plan B where young people, who have had a difficult start in life, are given a stable environmental in which to learn the necessary skills to make a major contribution to society.   

Piers Bateman



I left school with no qualifications.  Following several jobs (road digger (manual), car ferry deck hand and pilot (sacked after landing the ferry on a sand bank), hospital porter, fishing boat salesman etc), I joined the Army, and on leaving years later I did a home correspondence course to qualify as a solicitor. 

In all my jobs I came across so many cases where young people, trying to cope in difficult circumstances, have been denied the opportunity to develop and get on well in life because those around them have either been unable to cater effectively for their needs or otherwise just chosen to ignore them.

In Plan B, John and Vikki, closely supported by their wonderful ‘crew’, have created a hugely positive and safe environment, where young people can feel valued and respected, and - through aspirational guidance and mentoring, enable them to unlock their individual talents, develop confidence, acquire skills, and open up pathways to happy and productive futures.

I really wish Plan B had been around when I was one of those young people!  The whole thing works incredibly well, and I am delighted to be involved as Plan B, and all who serve within, progress from strength to strength.

Moira Howorth



With over 35 years of experience in education, and specialisms in safeguarding and children's mental health and wellbeing, I am fully committed to the work of Plan B. I am passionate about supporting disadvantaged young people improve their life changes and firmly believe that this work makes a difference.

I look forward to working with John, Vikki and the whole team and hope that my experience can be of service.

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